Sunday, November 24, 2019

Euthanasia-pro essays

Euthanasia-pro essays The concept of physician-assisted suicide in the United States is relatively new, but still a major topic of debate amongst the population. Much to the disagreement of many others, however, I feel this topic is actually fairly clear-cut. Comparatively, euthanasia differs from other morality concerns, in regards to the fact that no one is actually harmed by the act. The problem doesnt stem from the patient, as it is their choice, or the doctor, who is being paid and clearly finds it acceptable himself. Instead, the issue arises from a third party, who themselves have absolutely nothing to do with the members involved. In fact, there are no factual conclusions to not allow this practice, just personal opinions. The reason for this is simple, physician assisted suicide poses no threat to anyone outside of those involved. One of the largest complaints people have with euthanasia is the belief that killing of any kind is against the bible. This argument holds no weight though, since it is solely a religious concern, and religious beliefs can not be imposed on others. If one holds this view, this is perfectly acceptable, and by no means should they ever resort to this practice themself. Just as supporters of physician-assisted suicide are entitled to their beliefs, so are the opponents, but it is important to remember that we not hold others to our beliefs. Another belief held by the opposition is that by allowing voluntary physician assisted suicide, we are opening the door for involuntary euthanasia. Euthanasia can be broken down into three categories, voluntary, non-voluntary, and involuntary. Voluntary assisted suicide takes place when a patient is mentally competent to make an informed decision to have euthanasia administered, while for non-voluntary euthanasia, the patient is not competent enough to make an informed decision(Yang). Involuntary assisted suicide only becomes an issue when the patient ...

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